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Stairway To Heathen
The New False Gods
Space Rock II: Return to Space
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The Fog
Scott Lawlor and Rebekkah Hilgraves
Jack Hertz
Ballard Landscapes
Cousin Silas

Space Rock II: Return to Space - Call For Submissions! 

In 2013, the Sound for Good record label partnered with the Farm Sanctuary to offer "Space Rock: The Compilation" featuring over 100 artists from all over the globe that generously donated tracks to an incredible collection of over 14 hours of psychedelic, trance-inducing music, while helping support the Farm Sanctuary project at the same time!

Aural Films is happy to announce the follow-up project appropriately titled "Space Rock II: Return to Space." To help reach our goal of planting over 10,000 trees in 2015!  We are calling on all sonic astronauts to contribute their Space Rock tracks to this project between now and October 28th to be included in the album release that will again fall on Halloween, October 31, 2015. And keeping with tradition, we are so happy to be working again with Paul Nicholson. The artist featured on the original "Space Rock" album cover. - Read the full project details - Click Here


Beams by Eric Pietras - New Release July 28th 

Beams is San Francisco musician Eric Pietras' full-length debut record on the Aural Films netlabel. Originally developed as a soundtrack for a time-lapse photography project, Beams took on a life of its own as a soundtrack for places and moments experienced in the San Francisco Bay Area. "Beams" by Eric Pietras that will be available on digital and CD formats, Monday July 28, 2015.

A collection of nine musical vignettes that invite the listener to meander through the islands, hills and little-explored nooks of Northern California, Beams features colorful arrangements of layered synthesizers, mellotrons, electric pianos, hacked drum machines and field recordings from the Bay Area and beyond. Both documentarian and dreamlike, this record is the culmination of several years' musical and personal exploration, and is the realization of a longtime vision.

Connecting a diverse array of musical genres, influences, and mis-hearings into a work that calls to mind Popul Vuh, Brian Eno, Boards of Canada and Andrew Coleman, Beams was recorded both at home and in the legendary Tiny Telephone studio in San Francisco, where it was lovingly mixed and strategically dirtied by Jay Pellici, and mastered by notable Los Angeles ambient/experimental artist Sean McCann.

Digital download features three bonus tracks, including an alternate version of the track 'Sky Blue Morning,' which appeared on the Sound For Good release 'This Music Plants Trees.'

"Beams" by Eric Pietras that will be available on digital and CD formats, Monday July 28, 2015. Pre-order the Album Now - CLICK HERE

New Horizons - Soundtracks to the Pluto Flyby Project 

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is fast approaching its close-up flyby of dwarf planet Pluto, 4.67 billion miles (7.5 billion kilometers) from Earth. Closest approach is on July 14, 2015. As few things inspire electronic musicians more than space exploration. Aural Films is taking on the task of collecting your soundtracks to this this monumental event. 
This is a living project that we are adding tracks to as they are submitted. Everyone is welcome to participate. There is no deadline. However, we do ask you only submit original tracks composed specifically for this event. Note: we will check all submissions, and may refuse tracks that we feel are not related to, or indicative of this event. Please consult the official New Horizons page for more information on the Pluto Flyby at http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/newhorizons/main/index.html

To participate, we ask you submit one track per artist please. Files must be submitted in aiff, flac, or wav file format not to exceed 600 MB in file size. All tracks must be submitted along with the artist name. track title, artist site URL, and file download URL (no attachments) via our Track Submission Form - Click Here.

We appreciate your participation and look forward to hearing your submissions.

Inuksuk by Jack Hertz and Mystified Coming Soon 

Aural Films presents: Inuksuk - A journey into the mysterious Arctic cultures of Northern America with Jack Hertz and Mystified. Explore the fascinating lore and mysticism of these indigenous people who have coexisted exclusively with nature for thousands of years. Artists Jack Hertz and Mystified bring their many skills together for a brand new collection of thematic compositions titled, "Inuksuk." Read the Full Announcement - Click Here

Nataraja by Jack Hertz - 100 Album Releases! 

I am happy to present my 100th album release with an album of Fourth World styled compositions dedicated to the the Hindu deity, Nataraja. An ancient symbol that represents the rhythm and harmony of life. Drawing on 3 decades of work with original electronic music. "Nataraja" presents a suite of ten sonic spaces that invite the listener to reflect on the exotic, sonic and spiritual. Download it now at https://auralfilms.bandcamp.com/album/nataraja

Thanks to everyone for all your support over the many years.  For those who are curious, here are links to all 100 my album releases from the present to 1988, below.

- Jack Hertz
Pointillism by Jack Hertz Gritty Transmutation Black Sunday Streaming Landscapes Tones Timbre Tones Timbre A Thin Drone Silence
Coming Soon
Brave New Whirled
The New False Gods
A Life in the Day (Tales from the Undying Lands)
Tim Kays
Five Live
Jack Hertz
Divina Commedia III : Nine Circles
Scott Lawlor & Jack Hertz
Fog Music Box Set - Holiday Season Sale

Fog Music Box Set - Holiday Season Sale

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