The End of Time is One Second From Now
Jack Hertz
Guardians of the Transmitter
Intersonic Subformation
End of the Steam Age
Christian Fiesel & Jack Hertz
Wolfgang Gsell
Windige Türen
Jack Hertz & Christian Doil
Dolendi Modus, Non Est Timendi
MetaDronos & Scott Lawlor

Ambient Arkansas Compilation Project 

We hare happy to announce a compilation album project dedicated to the Natural State, Arkansas that is being organized by artist Shane Morris.  This project is open to any ambient artists that reside in or are from Arkansas. The album will be released with net label Aural Films with a Creative Commons license. 

Please submit original works from 3 to 10 minutes in length, in flac or wav format via dropbox, we transfer, or your own server. Musically the general vibe of the album should be atmospheric, ethereal, amorphous, ethno-ambient, ambient electronic, etc. Light or Dark is fine, just not too dark. Please no noise or dance ambient tracks. Incorporating elements of Arkansas in the titles and sounds is encouraged. The album will include a short bio of each artist and URL to your site. 
Feel free to ask any questions regarding the music or anything else. 

The deadline is June 15th. See the event page for full details on how to participate:

Spring is Here! 

Spring is here, escape into the Purisima Creek Redwoods. Coming soon to Aural Films, August (2016). Here is a preview from the new Surf Gazer release. Be sure to watch this HD 1080p video full-screen for maximum effect.

Aural Films Nominated For 2016 Schallwelle Awards! 

What a great way to start the year with recognition of all the hard work we did on Aural Films last year. We are blessed to have your support and it is all the more rewarding when the community comes together to celebrate. Thanks to the German Schallwelle Awards, we are are blown away to see FOUR of Aural FIlms release titles making this nominations this year! Many many thanks and congratulations are due to the following artists and releases for their great work: 

Christian Fiesel - Mechanic Falls 

Jack Hertz & Mystified - Inuksuk 

Cousin Silas & Wolfgang Gsell - And Memories Fade 

Cousin Silas & Wolfgang Gsell - Absent Agreements

Thanks to You - WE Planted 10,000 Trees! 

Thanks to YOU - We planted 10,000 Trees! Just moments ago we made a donation of $1056 USD to Trees for the Future project that will go towards planting 10,560 trees! We could not have done it without help from the 100s of artists who participated in the "This Music Plants Trees" and "Space Rock II" releases, AND all of the people who bought these albums. It has been our privilege to see people coming together to share sound for good! Please support these and other releases now at

Coming Soon
The End of Time is One Second From Now
Jack Hertz


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