San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015

Second Act, San Francisco, CA

Four Nights of Live Music and Video Inspired by FOG

Aural Films presents the San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015. A four day event that brings together more than 20 different artists to present their sound and light interpretations of the weather event known as FOG.

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Feb 2 Fog Music 33
Fog Music 34
Lee Rosevere
Jack Hertz & rizorkestra
Fog Music 35
Tom Djll
New Releases

Aural Film Series

Presenting the first in a new series of Film releases.

Enjoy a brand new Film debut of "Sea Breathe." Featuring the sounds and visions of the Pacific Coast by Jack Hertz.

Be sure to click the Full-Screen mode to watch the video in HD resolution for maximum viewing pleasure.

Stay tuned for more Aural Films coming in 2015.

Jonestown Death Tape - Their Teeth to Points

Recollecting the Snow - Scott Lawlor

Red Shift - Jack Hertz

Fog Music 32 - Steve Rose

Fog Music 31 - Christian Fiesel

Fog Music 30 - Tim Kays

The Fog Music Volume 2

Includes 8 hours of music from the next 15 albums in the Fog Music Series in high-fidelity FLAC files for the best listening, 320kbs MP3 files for easy access, and a PDF guide with info on each of the Fog Music albums.


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