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Absent Agreements - Silas & Gsell

Ringworld - kirchenkampf

Oh Zone Sampler 4 - Various Artists

Fog Music 37 - Marcel Rocha

Fog Music 36 - Tom Djll

Fog Music 35 - Michael Brückner

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Review: Fog Music 32 by Steve Rose 

Many thanks to Lionel over at Audiostylites who wrote a wonderful review for Fog Music 32 by Steven Rose. EMjoy!
    "As you allow this music to wash over you, it conjures images of sunrises and cold winter winds, of solitude in the intensely beautiful wildernesses of the mind. Steve Rose, guitarist and composer of this 24-minute ambient track called “Forest Whispers,” sounds like he’s slowed down one of his guitar instrumentals a thousand times, adding slow-attack synth pad shimmers to sweeten the mix. The result is a long flowing track, undulating in your head, that calms you even as it holds your interest. While there are no discernible melodies, the harmonies are pleasant, the chords overwhelmingly major, which creates a positive vibe all around the slowly unfolding piece.

    This is another installment of Fog Music, a project that seeks to publish an entire series of music releases inspired by foggy weather conditions. And this release is on the netlabel Aural Films, whose entire raison d’etre is to create soundtracks to films that don’t yet exist. Which is a perfect way to encapsulate this release: it’s a gloriously minimalistic cinematic soundtrack for watching the sun rise above the Golden Gate Bridge. Welcome to fog country."

Review Page:

@ The Movies - Aural Films Radio Show  

Aural Films presents, @ The Movies! Sonic storytelling for the mind. A new series of shows that will explore a different theme each week. The show begins March 8th with a special Trees themed show. Tune in to hear special mixes of music artists from all the world Sunday's at 12:00 PM Pacific Time on

Foggy Weekend on Radio Modul303! 

What, didn't get enough Fog? Our good friend Fzk Wolf has arranged a very special event on Modul303 where they will be playing 12 hours of music from the Fog Music series featuring the first 19 album releases. Please see all the details on the event page and please remember to invite your friends! Tune in @


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3bc & Ars Sonor
Fog Music 38
Harmonia Macrocosmica
Jack Hertz
Fog Music 39
Joe McMahon
Brand Free Experience
The New False Gods
Fog Music 40
Doug Lynner


Aural Films is a online record label that publishes soundtrack albums for movies that do not exist - Read More


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