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Fog Music Pods

Fog Music Pods

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Aural Films have a limited number of the the Fog Music Pods that are designed for true ambient listening. The MP3 Player + Speaker combo comes pre-loaded with all 24 hours of the Aural Films Fog Music series featuring 40 artists from around the world.

The Music Pods have a battery inside that is charged by USB. They can run about 4-6 hours on a singe charge. Includes a combo audio-cable and USB charger to play it over your stereo or computer if you want full fidelity sound.

Raymond Scott Biography 2-CD Set
  • Raymond Scott Biography 2-CD Set Raymond Scott Biography 2-CD Set

Raymond Scott Biography 2-CD Set

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Aural Films reached out to audio and video artists from around the world to create their very own tribute to Raymond Scott's legacy and the many great things that were brought to life by Manhattan Research Inc. The response was hugely positive resulting in over 57 artists creating original tracks, and a video by Saul Wes, that pay tribute to Scott.

Fog Music Box Set

Fog Music Box Set

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We are offering all 40 albums and the entire SF Fog Music Festival recordings on 4 DVDs for a special price of just $30 USD, plus $10 USD shipping to the USA and most places overseas. We have a limited number of sets. Order now while supplies last.

Mechanics of Blue
Jack Hertz
Dark Matter
Michael Meara
The Exploration of Inner Space
Tim Kays
Fiesel & Hertz
In The Skies
Cousin Silas & Wolfgang Gsell

Aural Films Biography: Raymond Scott​ 

The Aural Films Biography Series re-presents artists by featuring retrospective collections that re-introduce the public to those who have been working for decades in music and art. Following our initialBiography release featuring artist Thomas Park. Aural Films continues with volume 2 in the Biography Series that will pay special tribute to the work of Raymond Scott. Read the full details HERE

Aural Films Nominated For 2016 Schallwelle Awards! 

What a great way to start the year with recognition of all the hard work we did on Aural Films last year. We are blessed to have your support and it is all the more rewarding when the community comes together to celebrate. Thanks to the German Schallwelle Awards, we are are blown away to see FOUR of Aural FIlms release titles making this nominations this year! Many many thanks and congratulations are due to the following artists and releases for their great work: 

Christian Fiesel - Mechanic Falls 

Jack Hertz & Mystified - Inuksuk 

Cousin Silas & Wolfgang Gsell - And Memories Fade 

Cousin Silas & Wolfgang Gsell - Absent Agreements

Thanks to You - WE Planted 10,000 Trees! 

Thanks to YOU - We planted 10,000 Trees! Just moments ago we made a donation of $1056 USD to Trees for the Future project that will go towards planting 10,560 trees! We could not have done it without help from the 100s of artists who participated in the "This Music Plants Trees" and "Space Rock II" releases, AND all of the people who bought these albums. It has been our privilege to see people coming together to share sound for good! Please support these and other releases now at

Aural Films and Sound For Good Become One! 

For those that don't know. Aural Films was created after the formation of the Sound For Good (S4G) records label to focus on everything else music related. Over time, there's been a lot thinking about how to sustain all the wonderful things accomplished with S4G, and revive the idea of helping others with what we do. Thus, Aural Films is happy to announce the merger of the two labels. We will soon be announcing some projects that will focus on again supporting good causes with good music. Check out the Sound For Good catalog at

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