Aural Films presents a special collection of soundtracks for movies that do not exist. EMjoy this mix by Crazy Dymond of tracks from our catalog made to take the listener on an audio journey through the near and far reaches of the Aural Films universe.

The following album tracks from our catalog are presented in the following order. Please download the tracks you like from the albums linked below.

00:00 Outside Other ~ Caras Ordway [How The Solar System Was Won]

1:22 Aos Crowley and William Spivey ~ Sanctuary [Glass Jungle]
8:25 Aos Crowley and William Spivey ~ Beneath The Canopy [Glass Jungle]

12:23 Tim Kays ~ Of Rime and Reason (Excerpt) [Of Rime and Reason]

22:54 Cousin Silas ~ Falling Through The Clouds [Ballard Landscapes 4]

32:11 Jack Hertz ~ Succulents [Green Mist]

37:43 ARS SONOR & TOTAL E.T. ~ Perception Running Wild [Timethod]

45:55 Outside Other ~ Concerning ETs [How The Solar System Was Won]

47:04 Mister Vapour ~ Roiling Vapour (Excerpt) [Fog Music 2]

58:18 Crows In The Garden ~ Words And Desires [Different Sides]