San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015

THANK YOU! To everyone who took part in the San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015. You made it a great success that exceeded our expectations on every level. Special thanks go out to Matt Dean, Joe Lasqo, Ann O'Rourke, Bill Thibault, the Festival performers, and all the Fog Music album artists who offered their support in making the Fog Music project happen.

This project is all about the artists. We encourage you to further explore the many people who brought you these sounds. Please enjoy the sights and sounds from all four of the nights of the Fog Music Festival in the audio, video, and images below.

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San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015

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Second Act, 1727 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA

Four Nights of Live Music and Video Inspired by FOG


Aural Films records, the label that publishes soundtracks for movies that do not exist. Is proud to present the San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015. A four day event that brings together more than 20 different artists to present their sound and light interpretations of the weather event known as Fog.


The events taking place January 28th through 31st at the Second Act in San Francisco, California. Will feature a diverse selection of artists working in a wide spectrum of styles. From the avant-garde, to popular, to the spiritual. Some of the Nation's most innovative artists will perform Fog inspired works on acoustic, electronic and invented instrumentation.


The Festival will also feature modern visual arts projections as part of the show. Each performance will be accompanied by live video and visual media created by video artists Ann O'Rourke and Bill Thibault for the evening programs.


Featured performers for the San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015 include:


Fog Music Project


The Fog Music Festival is presented by Aural Films records as part of the Fog Music Series that is documenting 24 hours of Fog Music by artists from around the world. A new Artist’s Fog Music is released in the series every week for $1 or more to support the Festival and Artists.


Aural Films


Aural Films is an online record label (netlabel) that releases high-quality soundtrack albums for movies that do not exist. We cover a wide range of music styles ranging from ambient to experimental to popular to soundtrack musics. Often on the same albums. You can find our complete catalog of releases online at


Event Details


The latest information about the San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015 events, artists, and more can be found on the official event page located at


Dates & Times:


Wednesday January 28th - 7:30PM - 11:00PM
  • Dan Pound
  • Onewayness
  • Carolyn Fok
  • SpaceBrane

Thursday January 29th - 7:30PM - 11:00PM

  • Later Days
  • Kris T Force
  • Jack Hertz
  • Thomas Dimuzio
  • Doug Lynner

Friday January 30th - 7:30PM - 11:00PM

  • DemonSleeper
  • Rduck Show
  • Instagon
  • Big City Orchestra

Saturday January 31st - 7:00PM - 11:00PM

  • rizorkestra, Byran Day, Jack Hertz
  • RTD3: Tom Nunn, Doug Carroll, Ron Heglin
  • Chris Chafe and Sebastian Chafe
  • Dohee Lee,Ed Schocker, Adria Otte
  • Mukaiji-kai: Nancy Beckmanm, Tom Bickley, Nan Busse, Joe Lasqo, Suki O'Kane, Bill Thibault (Bay Area)


    $5-10 Sliding Scale
    All Welcome
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$5-10 Night

Performers Profiles

Ann O'Rourke Ann O’Rourke is a “natural” free improvisor. She can sing and play in Western time, but finds it very restrictive. Ann is inspired by graphic scores, birds, plants, etc. She also gets ideas when playing with other experimental / improv musicians.

In June, 2013 she decided to start using video projections behind her group. There were many, many projector options and software options and it took her several months to figure out what she wanted.

Video projection software was completely new to her, so it took her awhile to figure out what she wanted to use. She didn’t want to lug around a computer, so she is using an app, touchvsc, on her ipad air. Fortunately, she knows how to do video production so doesn’t have to learn it also!

More at

Big City Orchestra Big City Orchestra: experimental recording with a lot of manufacturing-type sounds--machinery, clanking metal, etc.--though it does have some electric guitar crashes thrown in. It reminds me a lot of Eraserhead.

. they make me laugh or at least put a big smile
on my face every time, funny experimental stuff. You can buy
everything you can find. They like to misspell their name a lot, so
if you find anything with names like "Pig Shity Orgestraw" or "Big
Citueaterorkrsher" it's probably them. Just look around in places
that carry experimental stuff.
loops of interesting samples with amusing titles.
..this is what alien abductors might
subject you to during your brainwashing.

More at
Bill Thibault Bill Thibault creates realtime 3D visuals using sound and images from live human performers, along with synthetic imagery.

More at

Carolyn Fok Carolyn Fok is an award-winning visual and pioneering female electronic musician since 1981, known for her epic approach to music, and painstaking process she takes to develop material. She also has recently been collaborating, engineering, and Mastering studio works, for her solo projects and groups.

Although her naturalist---surrealist paintings and illustrations have shown in New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong, and her music has been featured in Electronic Musician and Keyboard (to mention a few), she is best known for single-handedly creating her own genre of artwork. A form she calls 'musaics', Carolyn Fok creates as a mastery, moving electronic sound designs, original art, and introspective writings.

Carolyn's sense of music and sound began with recording stories on a tape recorder at age 9. Inspired by an early drum machine built by her father and his multi-track recorder, she developed a self-taught approach to instruments with electronics and by the early 80's, evolved a signature style under the name, CYRNAI, now Carolyn Fok. "I like building a fine line between experimentation and perfection," she says.

“She may be the modern Wendy Carlos, but going much further than Tron and Bach at a single step. ‘But the music!’ Well, technically, it’s of the caliber of Brian Eno, Kitaro and earlier Tangerine Dream …seemingly written for a voice which seldom shows.” — Essential Albums : Magic Realism, The Listener, Transfiguration (Cyrnai), Charred Blossoms

More at

Chris Chafe, Sebastian Chafe,
Aurélie Menetrieux
In addition to being the director of the CCRMA computer music lab at Stanford, Chris Chafe is accomplished cellist and has invented a modified cello-based instrument called a celletto
He and Sebastian Chafe will play stringed instruments such as these, and perhaps also one or more metal acoustic sculptures, against live sonifications of smog and atmospheric particle sensors located in the East Bay, fitting into the Fog Music theme. They will also be joined by a special guest from France, electronic musician and video artist Aurélie Menetrieux.

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Dan Pound Mr. Pound creates Soundscapes and atmospheres both tranquil and electrifying. His music has been used in a variety of soundtracks and multi media platforms of various kinds. Also fitted for accompanying healing arts sources and activities including meditation, yoga, focused visualization, and achieving and delving into deeper layers of relaxation, sleep and dreaming.

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DemonSleeper Nightmares and lucid dreamscapes.

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Doug Lynner Doug Lynner performs, composes and records using vintage and contemporary analog modular synthesizers, digital and virtual synthesizers and traditional instruments. Of special note is Doug’s Mystery Serge, an amazingly versatile analog modular synthesizer designed by West Coast synthesizer pioneer, Serge Tcherepnin. His music is based upon the notion of “sound for sound’s sake.” He explores the intrinsic value of sound through mixtures of ambient, avant garde, rhythmic and soundscape genres.

Doug received a BFA in Music Composition from the California Institute of the Arts where his mentors were Morton Subotnick, Harold Budd, James Tenney, Leonid Hambro and Nicholas England. There he was deeply immersed in music technology and compositional processes as well as being instructed in world music genres such as south Indian flute, Gamelan Orchestra and Pigmy and Bushmen rhythmic singing and playing.

More at
Dohee Lee
Ed Schocker,
Adria Otte
An Asia-inspired trio who have often worked together in's invented instrument festivals and/or the ritualistic performances of vocalist/neo-shaman Dohee Lee (도히); for example: the recent piece Mago (마고), which sold out on all nights at Yerba Buena Center, or the piece Water Storied in this year's Soundwave (6) Festival.
— Ed Schocker (invented instruments, esp. contact-mic'd water-canister instruments, East Asian wind instruments)
— Adria Otte (East Asian percussion & light electronic processing)
— Do-hee Lee (vocalist, shaman, dance, costume design)
Instagon Creative bio: Instagon is an invoked musical entity that is called upon by the deamon rider Lob and whomever he has asked to undertake this task with him for the current excursion.. have no doubt, this is a magickal invokation ritual to bring forth the deamon of jam and garage jazz itself...Instagon...and it happens with or without the knowledge of the players involved, only the deamon rider, Lob, has the reins of this sonic creature and he alone guides it to be his servitor.

Factual bio: Instagon began its never ending interaction with chaos in the start of 1993 in Orange County, CA. In 2005 it moved to Sacramento,CA and currently still dwells there. Instagon is an experience for the band and the audience simultaneously. With Lob playing the lead bass guitar at the foundation of the group, Instagon never repeats the same ensemble. No practice, no rehearsal, live improvisational riff riding ..Garage Jazz.. taking a garage band, and playing jazz idea structures..never the same group twice, always fresh and in the moment, once it happens its gone.. hence Instagon. Since its beginnings in 1993, Instagon has had over 650 members play as part of the band and has performed over 666 shows.

More at
Jack Hertz Jack Hertz has been playing, composing and recording for more than 30 years. He is a seasoned improvisor who finds all aspects of creating sound fascinating. From the early percussion instruments to the present day hardware and software innovations.

Jack is always searching for a surreal middle ground between the real and the artificial. Utilizing computers, synthesizers, percussion, found objects, field recordings and digital effects. He designs unique atmospheres and spaces for the listener to explore.

More at

Kris T Force Artist, musician, sound designer, mother, sister, friend. AmberAsylum, biofidelic, Lux Interna, Tale-of-Tales and BBI Engineering.


Later Days Later Days is Wayne Jackson and his computer music obsession.  An audio software engineer working at Google by day,  with more musical leanings at night, he creates and performs with his own custom software synths and home-brew controllers.   The main thrust of his work uses Darwinian Evolution to augment human creativity.  His past contributions to the Bay Area experimental music scene include founding the Woodstockhausen Festival (1998-2003), microHausen (2007-present), board membership with ELSA Productions, “Without Herself” (2005), “Simplicity of Opposition” (2008), and rare channelings of Prostetnic Yanew Kasjonc to recite Vogon poetry.  Albums include “Fornica”, “Zolutz Cycles”, “do” (invalidObjects, Fallt label), “Out of the Garden”, “Autotrophic Manifestations”, and “Songs of the Watchmaker” (Scarcelight Recordings).  These evenings he mostly just hides out and creates software tools for Darwin Arts, but does get brave enough to land a gig once or twice a year. Free versions of Wayne’s synthesis software may be downloaded from the Darwin Arts web site.  Email:

More info

Program will include a multimedia neogaku transformation of the ancient shakuhachi piece Mukaiji (霧海箎, "Fog Ocean Flute"), which, according to tradition, was received in a dream on a boat. The ensemble will embed other pieces and multimedia interludes into it like islands in the mist.

— Nancy Beckman (shakuhachi)
— Tom Bickley (contrabass recorder & EWI wind synthesizer)
— Nan Busse (dance & didgeridoo)
— Joe Lasqo (piano, MSP/laptop, small percussion)
— Suki O'Kane (percussion)
— Bill Thibault (video artist; video site, bio)
onewayness onewayness is Adam Holquist, an experimental electronic musician from Erie, Pennsylvania. He uses hardware and software synths, spoken word and field recordings, and a variety of acoustic and electric instruments to create atmospheric compositions which draw influence from vintage Berlin-school electronic music, minimalism, post-rock, and contemporary electronic 'listening music'. Photo by Paul Vnuk Jr.


R Duck Show The R Duck show is live electronic music sculpture. A long running 2-and-a-half-hour friday night radio program (since 2001) broadcast live from Santa Cruz, Ca. The host, R Albert Duck, sometimes with guest artists, assembles and re-assembles various sound sources to create a living aural landscape for listeners to enjoy at home in comfort, perhaps with a cup of tea and a tasty snack treat. Enjoy a live appearance for the opportunity to hear some ear teasing delights and join the taste-test of the evening's chocolate, or in season, sample some home grown honey from the R Duck show downtown studio apiary. The R Duck show sits inside an improvised musical moment.

R Albert Duck is an audio/video artist with a history in electronic music spanning two centuries, from writing generative music software for his, then new (1983), Olivetti M-10 to assembling a modern VCF for eurorack. His sonic ventures defy linear logic, often proceeding in what would appear to be backwards trajectory - only to arrive yet again working in the present time. He has performed in a variety of musical settings including: artist in residence, sound engineer, drummer, percussionist, re-inventor and software beta tester.

More at
Bryan Day,
Jack Hertz
rizorkestra is based in los angeles and currently roaming the california coast and deserts performing music, collecting musical instruments, photographing the pacific ocean and the sun in the sky, and always planning cheap, sensible meals.

Bryan Day is a improviser, instrument inventor, illustrator and installation artist based in Richmond, CA. His work involves combining elements of the natural and man-made world using field recordings, custom audio generation software and homemade instruments. Day’s work explores the parallels between the patterns and systems in nature to those in contemporary society.

Jack Hertz  is always searching for a surreal middle ground between the real and the artificial. Utilizing computers, synthesizers, percussion, found objects, field recordings and digital effects. He designs unique atmospheres and spaces for the listener to explore.


RTD3 RTD3 is a mellow/subversive/bizarre trio consisting of Tom Nunn (invented instruments; interview, bio), Doug Carroll (cello), and Ron Heglin (voice, trombone, tuba)
SpaceBrane Widely known as a painter, Paul Nicholson (aka Paul-E) has been involved with synthesizers since the early 1980s. Beginning with an ARP 2600 which he received in trade for a painting in 1982, Paul has over the years amassed a room filling arsenal of synthesizers. Early influence by artists such as Morton Subotnik and Klaus Schulze Cluster, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk has evolved into a composition style involving ambient electronics and processed recorded sound improvisations that range from delicate atmospheres, to violent storms; morphing soundscapes with roiling rhythms, industrial noise and peaceful.

Paul was a founding member of the 1990s chill room ensemble Gamma Quadrant, (1996 - 2000) that was followed by T.A.P.P. (2002-2004) and PRAIRIE PROJECT (2006-2010), now in hiatus. His current project is SPACEBRANE, a collaboration with Crystal Awareness.

Crystal Awareness (DBAR)- is creating a psychedelic world of sound with software, homebuilt analog modular synthesizers, bass guitar, theremin, percussion, and keyboards. Recently he is adding homemade field recordings from the US and Costa Rica as source material to his interstellar musical sets. Fractals, sonifications, feedback, and generative algorithms added to conventional composition and live improvisation all play a part in his star traveling cruise music. From ambient, downtempo to booty shakin' to massive noise overload his sonic art spans the full range of tempo and space.

More at
Thomas Dimuzio Thomas Dimuzio is a musician, composer, sound designer, mastering engineer, label proprietor, and music technologist residing in San Francisco, California. Inspired as much by John Cage as Led Zeppelin, Dimuzio's music is like a sonic excursion that transports the listener into other worldly aural realms. “His work has a narrative, filmic tug that will draw you into its dark corners, ears alert… brilliant and rarely less than entertaining.” —Peter Marsh, BBC

Long regarded as a musical pioneer for his innovative use of live sampling and looping techniques, Dimuzio has earned a deserved reputation worldwide as an avant-garde sound artist in touch with the aesthetic pulse of time and technology. A true sonic alchemist who can seemingly create music events out of almost anything, Dimuzio's listed sound sources on his various releases include everything from 'modified 10 speed bicycle' and 'resonating water pipe' to short-wave radios, loops, feedback, samplers, synthesizers and even normal instruments such as guitar, clarinet and trumpet. Dimuzio's eclecticism bespeaks a career equally informed by a profound dedication to his craft and collaborations with friends, artists and technologists alike.

Dimuzio's recordings have been released internationally by ReR Megacorp, Asphodel, RRRecords, No Fun Productions, Sonoris, Drone Records, Record Label Records, Odd Size, Seeland, and other independent labels. Among his collaborators are Chris Cutler, Dan Burke, Joseph Hammer, Anla Courtis, Nick Didkovsky, Due Process, Voice of Eye, Fred Frith, David Lee Myers, 5uu's, Matmos, Wobbly and Negativland.

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