Unicorn Dreams of Electric People by Jack Hertz

This time prolific drone and electronic sound artist Jack Hertz has done something special. Usually his netlabel Aural Films releases "soundtracks for movies that do not exist", this time though the movie does exist. In case the title "Unicorn Dreams Of Electric People" does not ring a bell with you, the one in question is Philip K Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", known to cineastes as the more or less loose adoption "Blade Runner". 

I do not know neither the book nor the film so far (yes, shame on me), but I am absolutely fascinated by these dark, atmospheric and multilayered pieces. All of them make for unique and captivating listening experiences, be it the eerie "The Eye Works", reminiscent of very early electronic Sci-Fi music, the manic "Tea With J. F. Sebastian" or, my favourite "Cruising With Gaff" with its female singing samples. Ah yes, the samples. Jack Hertz acknowledges that he used samples from the great freesound.org, he has done a great job weaving field recordings, strange found sounds and more together along with some creative manipulation. 
I have got quite a few albums by Jack Hertz in my collection, he is a rather productive artist, but this one is by far my favourite so far. If you'd press me to choose just one word for this release it'd be: 

P.S.: I have just bought the book. :)

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