Solarized by Jack Hertz & TOTAL E.T.

Jack Hertz & TOTAL E.T. created together through magical brainwave episodes and pure collaboration, an album named ‘Solarized’. You can say it is a love child between them two, as this certainly isn’t a split, but really material that mixes both brains & sound-ideas into a new born thing. 
Don’t be afraid; nobody will have to change nappies! 

The release starts with something that you won’t hear every day; natural sounds molded together in electric vibes. It is difficult to say what is electronic and what is nature’s gift; but that’s the beauty of it: it’s a soundscape of birds, chirping insects and thunder, but it is also electronic and carefully orchestrated: Mother Nature with both fingers in an electric socket. 

It’s one of those things that you shouldn’t really think too much about, just sit back and enjoy the whole happening. (As I’m sure Jack Hertz & TOTAL E.T. did already all the thinking for you when they produced this release…) The vibe of nature and electronics is a strong theme on the tracks on this album, but they might even get stronger in the electronic content. In fact the electronic sounds and nature might start to represent something natural but not from down here on earth. 

We can pick up big sounds, mysterious bugs, and strange happenings to wonder and ponder about. It is as if we are with one leg onto earth and the other getting deeper and deeper sunk into another dimension. Something that gets more visible, bizarre and prominent like a person who had the lucky chance to have had a drop of lSD under its tongue. The alien and gentle human produces a best possible sound trip for the brain’s imagination, and even makes sure the listeners will arrive back on earth at the final end.

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