Five Live by Jack Hertz

Five Live’ is a superb collection of over four hours of live performances from Jack Hertz that offer deeply hypnotic, immersive and hallucinatory atmospheres full of subtle variations and ever-evolving moods. Lengthy drawn-out electronics mix with everything from Steve Roach-like trance-inducing synth washes with mysterious crystalline glimpses and groaning machine hum (`Capella'), slinking Orb-like looping grooves with eerie avant-garde diversions (`Streaming Landscape’), subtle and drowsy dub-flavoured shimmers (`Eclipse’), bubbling ethereal dreaminess in the manner of Seventies-era Klaus Schulze (`Droneware’) and slowly unwinding pristine ebbing drone ambience (`Supermoon’). These pieces present Hertz at his most accessible, yet in no way compromised or any less experimental, and they’re just as impressive as anything by the `big names’ of the related genres. `Five Live’ may also be one of the best electronic releases of 2015.

- Michael Hodgson

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